21 Wholesome Celebrity Encounters


“Hands down my best celebrity encounter was Stephanie Beatriz. She came into my clinic with her then fiancé (now husband) to get help with their pup. Both were really sweet and awesome to talk to :). While I was speaking to them and guiding them on how to treat their dog, I couldn’t stop but wonder who she was since her face was familiar. I finally caved in and asked, ‘Miss, I’m so sorry for asking this, but do I know you from somewhere?’ She replied very nicely, ‘Do you watch a show called Brooklyn Nine-Nine?’ I’m pretty sure my whole face lit up and I replied, ‘OMG, you’re Rosa Diaz?!’ She was so happy when she heard my reply and hugged me while I was holding their pup.”

“I continued to talk more about what else they could do to make the treatments more relaxing and fanboying about how much I love that show and her character on it. 

I’d see her a few more times at my clinic, and she would always say hi to me while in the lobby and let me know what other work she’d be doing. It is truly a memory I will cherish forever, and still, to this day, I love that show so much. It always brings me joy when I need it (and as the detectives on the show would exclaim as a sign of camaraderie: ‘Nine-Nine!!!’).”



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