Yaya Mayweather Shoots Her Shot To Get NBA YoungBoy Back


Yaya Mayweather is attempting to rekindle her relationship with NBA YoungBoy.

The mom of one took to her Insta Stories to post a video to “get her bd back.”

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Yaya Shoots Her Shot

The 22-year-old posted a clip in what appeared to be a women’s locker room. The text on the video reads, “My homegirls trying to help me get my bd back because they helped me lose him” with two crying-laughing emojis.

Jeremih’s song ‘Love Don’t Change’ played in the background. She danced front and center as several women slowly entered the background, performing the same dance. The women were dressed in lingerie or see-through outfits. Yaya wore a black hoodie.

Roomies React To Mayweather’s Attempt To Rekindle Relationship

Roommates left their thoughts under The Shade Room’s IG report.

@_suckafreesi said, “Her baby needa box some sense into that head.”

One comment garnering over 40 thousand likes said, “Yaya has a good support system. Additionally, she doesn’t need NBA YoungBoy. But she may need psychological help.”

“With a million dollar daddy WHAT BABY DADDY? Floyd get her a therapist. ASAP,” @miyaa.michelle wrote.

@lord_azula insinuated Floyd Mayweather’s daughter wasn’t using her intelligence. She added, “The wheel is moving, but the hamster is dead……..”

She added in a second comment, “Wisdom has been chasing her, but she’s faster.”

Another commenter believes Yaya is coming off as desperate.

“The most unnecessary pick me of all time, of all BM she the one who didn’t have to do any of this,” @corychampangne wrote.

Yaya’s Legal Trouble

As previously reported, she allegedly stabbed Lapattra Lashai Jacobs inside of NBA Young Boy’s home in 2020.

Two years later, she pled guilty to stabbing Jacobs. However, Yaya changed her plea to NOLO CONTENDERE or no contest. This allowed her to take the criminal punishment but not admit guilt.

Court documents confirmed she was sentenced to 6 years of probation.


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