Facts You Need To Know About Facial Massage

Facts You Need To Know About Facial Massage

Facts You Need To Know About Facial Massage

What is Face Massage

Facial massage is an excellent technique to activate the
pressure points of the face. It improves blood circulation. You can do this
massage at home or at a massage center or beauty salon. You can do it with
lotion, almond oil, cleansing milk for facial massage, and can use a jade
roller, or flat go shaw The tool can be used.

What should be applied for facial massage?

Cleanse your face with a mild cleanser. Your skin should be
cleansed before starting the massage.

Choose a good facial oil.

If you do not want to use oil, you can use a good quality
moisturizer /cream for facial massage.

Massage with light hands.

Best oil for facial massage

These oils are wonderful for your skin, are medium- to
slow-absorbing, and have a shelf life of at least 1 year:

Apricot kernel oil.

Almond oil.

Avocado oil.

Jojoba oil.

How often should you massage your face?

Is daily facial massage better for the skin? For healthy
skin, experts recommend a face massage at home 2-3 times a week. However, doing
light massage for 5-10 minutes daily with the right technique does no harm to
your skin. It helps to promote blood circulation and eliminate fine lines over
time. And protects your skin from premature aging.

Should I wash my face after an oil massage?

It is better to clean your face after some time after the
facial massage but normal water should be used for washing your face and
neither too cold nor very hot water.

Are there any side effects of facial massage?

It has many thematic benefits if massaged on the face
carefully and correctly, but it can have immediate side effects in people with
very sensitive skin, can have immediate side effects in about one-third of
patients. Delayed problems such as erythema and edema, such as dermatitis and
ectopic rupture.

Facial massage can change face shape

Facial massage can help with skin tone and elasticity that
can improve the smoothness in appearance. it can improve the jawline and also
improve the cheekbone, but that will not change the structure of the face.

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