Female Marriage Proposal in the United States

About Me

I’m looking for a loving and caring person

Basic information

Candidate Name: Benish

Gender of Candidate: Female

Marital Status: Divorced

Candidate Age: 36 years

Candidate Height: 5 feet and 4 inches

Body: Average

Color: Fair

Candidate’s Religion: Muslim (Sunni)

Caste: Rajput or Rajput

Mother tongue: Balochi.

City: Brooklyn

Country: United States

Other Nationality: US Citizen

Pros: Not working.

Quality of life:
Intermediate level


I don’t work


Middle school among others

Age: 30-38

Marital Status: Divorced

Height: 5 feet 4 inches

City: No preference.

Standard of living: Medium level

Education: Middle School

Occupation: No preference.

Locale Preference: Punjabi,

Urdu speaking,

Other requirements:

It should be seen.

(Hidden for You)
Phone #:

How to find a suitable marriage proposal:

Scavenger Hunt:
Create a scavenger hunt that takes your partner to significant places in your relationship. Each location can hold a clue or a special memory. At the final destination, you can be there waiting with the ring.

Favorite Place:
Choose a location that is special to both of you, such as where you had your first date or where you first met. Pop the question in that familiar and sentimental setting.

Memory Lane Video:
Create a video montage of significant moments in your relationship. Have the last part of the video be you, proposing in person or virtually.

Hot Air Balloon Ride:
If your partner enjoys adventure, consider taking them on a hot air balloon ride. The breathtaking views can provide a romantic setting for your proposal.

Starlit Proposal:
Take your partner stargazing and surprise them by popping the question under the night sky. You can even name a star after them for an extra special touch.

Family and Friends Gathering:
Organize a small gathering with close family and friends. Your partner might appreciate having loved ones around to share in the joyous moment.

Customized Book:
Create a customized book about your relationship. On the last page, have the proposal written out, and give it to your partner to read.

Foodie Proposal:
If your partner loves food, consider arranging a special dinner at home or their favorite restaurant. You could hide the ring in a dessert or present it uniquely.

Adventurous Proposal:
Plan an outdoor adventure like a hike or a picnic and propose at the summit or a picturesque spot.

Message in a Bottle:
Write a heartfelt letter and put it in a bottle. Take your partner to the beach or a beautiful waterfront location, and “find” the bottle during a stroll.

Remember, the most important aspect of the proposal is that it reflects your relationship and the unique bond you share. Good luck!

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