Gypsy Rose Gets Silver Caps Replaced With Porcelain


Gypsy Rose has revealed a new smile that no longer includes her signature silver caps! TMZ reports that she was spotted at Walmart sporting her brand-new smile.

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Rose was seen walking outside of the megastore in Galliano, Los Angeles. She wore a floral halter top and pink shorts with a new mega-watt smile.

The 32-year-old reportedly had her chompers fixed in Louisiana. Gypsy has lived in the area since her prison release, including with her father and stepmother amid her separation and pending divorce.

The dentist reportedly fitted Rose with porcelain caps across her top teeth. TMZ reports that it took several appointments to reach the point of installation, including a few in the last month and a half.  A source reportedly told the publication she is happy about her new smile.

Next, Rose plans to her her bottom teeth sized for porcelain caps. She currently has a temporary bridge.

So, why did Gypsy have several capped teeth? Her mother, Claudine ‘Dee Dee’ Blanchard, claimed Rose was suffering from tooth decay and had several teeth and salivary glands removed during her childhood.

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