Martin Sheen Appears In New Digital Spot For Democrats Trying To Retain Senate Majority


Martin Sheen has taped a new digital spot for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, calling attention to one of the party’s biggest challenges this cycle: Retaining their Senate majority.

“While played a fictional president on television, I’ve spent my life outside of acting devoted to political activism. Frankly, I’m concerned about what’s at stake in this year’s elections,” Sheen said.

“This year’s elections will be some of the most important in our nation’s history. With health care, voting rights, climate action, and the very future of our democracy all on the line, I’m asking you to join me and help defend our Democratic Senate majority,” he said.

The spot will be sent out on social media to engage grassroots supporters.

Democrats control the Senate 51-49.

Democrats have 23 seats up this cycle, and Republicans have just 11. Cook Political Report rates one Democratic seat, held by departing Sen. Joe Manchin (R-W. Va.) as “solid R,” and four Democratic seats as “toss ups.” Another election prognosticator, Larry Sabato, recently moved one toss up seat, in Arizona, to “leans D,” as the dynamics have shifted in the state following a state Supreme Court ruling upholding an 1864 abortion law.

Democrats also have hopes that, as happened in the last cycle, some of the GOP recruits will become a liability, in states like Arizona and Ohio.

Given his activism and role as President Jed Bartlet in The West Wing, Sheen has been a go-to celebrity figure for ads in past cycles. He appeared in political spots in past cycles. In 2020, he lent his voice for an Election Day ad for the Lincoln Project, and starred in a get-out-the-vote video in 2016. Sheen and other West Wing cast members reunited in 2020 for a benefit for When We All Vote.


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