‘SNL’s Weekend Update Mocks NYC Earthquake & Donald Trump


Colin Jost and Michael Che had a field day on Saturday Night Live‘s “Weekend Update,” mocking the earthquake that rattled NYC and the latest news on Donald Trump.

“Well, yesterday, everyone in New York pretended they felt an earthquake,” Jost said. “Just admit it, you thought it was wind.”

He continued, “This earthquake was the best possible disaster. It was kind of like the time I saw my dad in the shower. It was a little scary, there was no permanent damage, but I’ll remember for the rest of my life.”

Moving on to politics, Jost reminded viewers that Trump said he “would debate [Joe] Biden anytime, anyplace and then he pointed to an empty podium on the stage.”

“And now Trump and Biden are both polling 80 points behind the podium,” Jost joked.

Jost also mentioned that Trump said Biden was “high on cocaine during the State of the Union, saying he was all jacked up at the beginning, by the end, he was fading fast.”

“Huh, it sounds like Donald Trump knows exactly what it feels like to be on cocaine,” Jost said before cutting to a moment where Trump was dancing before a rally and another moment of the former POTUS slurring his words by the end of another rally.

Che noted that Trump plans to make November 5 “Christian Visibility Day” in response to the controversy over Trans Visibility Day, which this year coincided with Easter.

“Wait, I thought that was called Ash Wednesday,” Che quipped.

Also making the news this week was House Republicans introducing a bill to rename Dulles Airport after Trump.

“Because airports are a lot like Trump—a chaotic nightmare that turns you against your own family,” Jost joked.


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