Bambi Reveals How Her Romance With Scrappy Started (WATCH)


Bambi is going viral after revealing how her romance with Scrappy began years back.

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Bambi Speaks On How Her Romance With Scrappy Started

On Tuesday, April 16, Carlos King uploaded a new interview with Bambi via YouTube. At one point during their almost hour-and-a-half conversation, King brought up the infamous hot tub scene on ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ where Bambi was seen with Kirk Frost, Benzino, and other women.

“We should start before that,” Bambi responded, delving into how she met Scrappy and ultimately became involved in the show. “It was probably about 2010 when I met Scrap, right?”

Bambi explained that she met Scrappy in an Atlanta nightclub, and he tried to shoot his shot with her. They eventually exchanged numbers, and Scrappy confirmed to her that he was dating Diamond at the time.

She then explained that she told Scrappy to call her when he was single.

Bambi said that due to her rap career, she later found herself hanging out with Diamond one evening. But she didn’t feel like she vibed with her. Eventually, Scrappy called her to let her know he had broken up with Diamond.

However, Bambi later found herself at the home he and Diamond allegedly shared. Additionally, Bambi revealed that Scrappy kept in touch with her while he participated in the first season of ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ with his then-love interest Erica Dixon.

Watch her full story below.

Social Media Reacts

Social media users shared their reactions to Bambi’s revelation in The Shade Room’s comment section.

Instagram user @prettybadd_moore wrote,The facts that they use to try to make it seem like Erica was bitter and jealous 🤦🏽‍♀️😂”

While Instagram user @_jess2pretty added, “🗣🗣 “You lose them exactly how you get them” Bambi this interview was not a flex. Bragging about being the original sidechic turned wife now single mom of 3 & big mad😒😑🙄 girl bye”

Instagram user @silenceofthelaambs wrote, The CIA couldn’t get this information out of me.”

While Instagram user @yadi_body added, “Side chick the whole time is crazyyyy”

Instagram user @sarcasamwrites wrote,She should’ve left this conversation between herself & God because baby this is nothing to be proud of.”

While Instagram user @dominiquechinn added, “Some stuff should just be kept to self instead of telling the world 🥴”

Instagram user @meiish_aa wrote, This is why I’ll never feel bad for her. She knew what it was. Should’ve kept this in the drafts 😖”

While Instagram user @1ebbieboo added, Bambi, aren’t you tired of talking about him? 🙄”

Instagram user @1la_teetee wrote,I woulda swallowed a whole jean jacket before I admitted to this”

A Brief Recap Of How The Pair’s Marriage Ended & Their Legal Proceedings Since Then

As The Shade Room previously reported, Bambi and Scrappy celebrated this divorce becoming final in July 2023. At the time, the pair each threw viral divorce celebrations.

In March, the pair appeared to be on good terms. At the time, Scrappy took to social media to share a message about him and Bambi positively co-parenting despite their “crazy” relationship, per The Shade Room.

In April, however, Bambi accused Scrappy of violating the terms of their divorce by allowing his “significant other” to post photos of their three children on social media, per The Shade Room.

In response, Scrappy shared a video alongside his children and Erica Dixon — whom social media believes he has now rekindled his romance with.

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