Director Tim Burton Finally Embraces Practical Effects Again [CinemaCon 2024]


By far the most promising part of this footage reaction was the fact that it showed practical effects being used — a lot. In fact, /Film’s Ryan Scott reported that “tons” of “extremely” practical effects were on display in the featurette, and that one horrifying scene in particular featured Beetlejuice literally spilling a river of gray guts. Overall, the film looks very much like the 1988 original in that regard, with claymation sequences, sandworms, and stop-motion. That’s good news not only for fans of “Beetlejuice” — who had every right to be worried about “Beetlejuice 2” — but for Burton fans, too, who have long been subjected to CGI abominations from the director once famed for his use of practical effects. Even Dafoe couldn’t help but compliment the practicality of the sequel, saying the “handmade effects” were “beautiful.”

Elsewhere, it seems that despite there being a 34-year gap between the movies, and despite the fact that Keaton is now 72-years old, the veteran star has settled right back into his role as the titular bio-exorcist. Ryan Scott reports that Keaton seems “very much at home” as Beetlejuice and has seemingly picked up right where he left off. Keaton, who has previously spoken about how he and Burton were in immediate agreement about making the sequel just like the original, spoke more about how every couple of years he and the director would kick around the idea of returning to the world of the first film, and finally “got it right” with the upcoming sequel. Catherine O’Hara echoed Keaton’s comments, revealing that she’s been asked about a follow-up “for the last 30 years at least” and said it was “delightful” to finally get the call from Burton.

Before unveiling an expanded trailer which added new footage to the teaser, the cast was very complimentary about star Jenna Ortega, who wasn’t in attendance but Keaton said, “She just got it […] She was perfect.” This was followed by the trailer reveal, which contained a shot of Beetlejuice waiting by a red phone and delivering the line “I am gonna make you so happy” to Winona Ryder’s Lydia.

“Beetlejuice Beetlejuice” hits theaters on September 6, 2024.


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