Harmful Side Effect of Modern Gadgets on Children Development

Harmful Side Effect of Modern Gadgets on Children Development

Harmful Side Effect of Modern Gadgets on Children Development

Modern Gadgets & Children 

Technology and children are a common sight
today. A kid who’s old enough to eat candy, a kid with an iPhone in his mouth,
what’s new? Sometimes, parents have great respect for gadgets as a means of
silencing their children and as a fun and educational tool. And they think it’s
very good, but later it becomes a shocking and disturbing scene.

should be noted that research has shown that the number of children using
gadgets such as smartphones and tablets has increased significantly in the last
few years. A survey shows that the number of young people using mobile devices
has increased significantly. The pediatrician does not approve of the use of
technology in children under two years of age, saying that it changes the state
of childhood.

These digital gadgets change the whole
child’s life, even replacing TVs, toys, playgrounds, and news books.
“One-year-olds now go to TV and swipe because they think it’s interesting,

electronic gadgets became part of children’s childhood in a way
we had never imagined before.

Side effects Of Modern Gadgets 

Source of Radiation Exposure

Mobile phones and other wireless devices are considered a Category 2B hazard due to radiation exposure, according to the World Health Organization. Recent research has shown that exposure to radiation is a clear risk to children. Offers tips to protect your child from these dangerous electronic devices.

Weight Problems

Now kids who are busy playing their digital
games in front of electronic gadgets instead of playing on the playgrounds
don’t burn calories that way. One in three children is overweight, which can
lead to many diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. Parents
should encourage their children to engage in physical activities. Parents should
understand that there are many benefits to playing, including getting their
children to walk, run, jump and get the exercise they need. Kids love playing
on playgrounds. If kids grow up playing on playgrounds, they will be physically
stronger. This physical strength is very good for their future life.

Irritable Behavior

Many parents have found that their children
become more aggressive and rude when they play with electronic gadgets for long
periods of time. Tantrums are the most common form of aggression in young
children. As children get older, children who are addicted to computer games
often face disobedience from their parents. So from today, instead of relying on
tablets to silence your little dynamo, choose coloring books or balls or other
sports that involve mental and physical exertion. Take control of your child
today. You will feel the change for yourself.

Intellectual Capacity

The brain size of young children doubles as they learn more and continue to grow until they are young. Research shows that the use of many electronic gadgets can adversely affect a child’s brain function, and even lead to attention deficit, mental retardation, learning impairment, impaired self-esteem, growing tendency, and self-control. This can lead to a lack of skills. The pediatrician advises parents to sing, read and talk and play with physical activity to their children instead of playing with electronic gadgets at home or watching TV.

Less Interactivity

They could easily play with tablets and
mobile phones. Kids spend a lot of time on technology and electronic gadgets.
And less time with people interferes with communication and children do not
develop normal communication skills properly. It is often difficult to
communicate with your family and parents at home, as they are surrounded by
inanimate objects that interfere with their broadcasting. Secondly, what
happens in TV and cartoons does not have to be according to your standards,
thus when children do not get their point across they lack self-confidence
which is a matter of concern for their future.

Inability To Sleep

Children who become accustomed to playing on
their phones or tablets or electronic gadgets are deprived of much-needed
comfort and sleep. Often playing on their pills becomes their sleeping pill.
Without it, they will become angry and bitter, and irritable. All of these
explain the symptoms of whether your child has a sleep disorder and is unable
to get a good night’s sleep. Experts recommend that you spend as much time as
possible with your children and allow them to use electronic gadgets as little
as possible in the evening so that you can help your toddler sleep better at

No Natural Environmental

Electronic gadgets completely ruin a child’s
development. Instead of going out and learning the ways of the world, playing
games and having fun, and playing with other children, they prefer to stay at
home and play on their computers, mobiles, and other gadgets. Some parents find
technology and this method useful and good because they feel that their
children are safe in front of their eyes at home. However, they fail to believe
that the child is too far away from plants, animals, birds, lakes, and the
natural environment. Young children should be able to play ball, jump, run,
name a friend, etc. Thus, if children live in a natural environment, they learn
more and are stronger than other children.

Impaired Vision

Prolonged staring at a computer screen can be stressful.
According to experts, good vision depends on looking at objects from different
distances. It has often been observed that children who are accustomed to
playing games on computers and electronic gadgets are more likely to develop
eye problems as they grow older. Computer gaming badly affects children’s eyes.

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