The Golden Benefits to Get up Early in the Morning

The Golden Benefits to Get Up Early in the Morning

The Golden Benefits to Get up Early in the Morning

Why its Necessary to Get Up Early in the Morning?

Getting up early is the key to success for many successful
people. From teachers to doctors, people who work out get advised to wake up
early because it gives you more time to start your day and get things done.

Early bedtime and early wake-up time in our Islam

The Prophet (PBUH) said, “One should not sleep before the
night prayer, nor have discussions after it” [SB 574]. Additionally, Muslims
are required to wake up for Fajr prayer, which is about one hour before
sunrise. The Prophet did not sleep after Fajr’s prayer.

What does Science say for Morning Awakening?

Our bodies are designed to produce the sleep hormone
melatonin after dark. The sleep cycle in our body is controlled by our
circadian rhythms, the inner clock of our body, which works with the light and
darkness around us. When our retina detects light, it tells the Suprachiasmatic
Nucleus (our body’s main clock) to suppress melatonin production, which
triggers arousal. We are naturally prone to react and are very alert in the
morning and lazy and sleepy at night.

Improved analytical Function

Premature climbers are usually better focused and alert and
energetic throughout the day.

There is a possible link between waking up in the morning
and success. A 2010 study found that morning people are more active and
purposeful, have stronger problem-solving skills, do better in school, end up
in good colleges, and have higher-paying jobs.

A 2008 study found that college students who called
themselves “morning people” achieved higher grades than those who stayed up
late. Sleep deprivation is associated with poor mental health, including poor
memory, concentration and concentration, and mood swings.

Improve Sleep Quality

Research Trusted Source suggests that people who wake up in
the morning tend to fall asleep earlier and enjoy longer sleep, with better

Getting enough sleep brings a number of benefits:

Improved attitude

To concentrate better

Low risk of obesity and other chronic diseases

On the other hand, less sleep can cause of:

It weakens your immune system, which means you may get sick
more often

Increase your chances of high blood pressure, heart disease,
and diabetes.

Fact: Better sleep is usually about more energy.

Your extra time For Extra Work

If you are living with other people – young or old – waking
up in the morning can give you the time you need most (and crave).

Extra time drinking that coffee a little while browsing the
paper or just enjoying the silence can help you face a busy day and feel cold.

Lots of exercise time

If exercise is important to you, but you often carry heavy
loads to get time, getting up in the morning can be a ticket.

Getting your job done in the first place solves the
temptation to skip the gym because of work or community commitment over time or
old fatigue.

And while we are in the process of feeling tired, here is
another benefit of morning exercise: Exercise triggers an increase in those
happy endorphins that can improve your mood,reduce stress and anxiety, and increase energy levels.

Less time on traffic-less Depression

Getting up and leaving home early can help you overcome
normal traffic, which is all-encompassing.

Less traffic is not just about saving time and money. It can
also help protect your health and well-being, as research has linked the road
to living with:

Emphasize Trusted Source


Anger and rage…

Respiratory problems…

Complete sleep means healthy skin

Difficult nights can appear on your skin with fine lines,
wrinkles, paleness, and swollen or lose eyelids. Poor sleep can cause acne.

Getting proper sleep helps keep your skin healthy. During
sleep, your skin cells regenerate, while increased blood flow and collagen help
repair local damage and UV.

In addition, going to bed early (you know, before you
completely die on your feet) gives you more time to practice good skincare,
such as washing your face. So don’t be surprised if you wake up with that
morning light.

A few dark circles

As long as you pair up early in the morning and go to bed
early so you don’t miss out, you can still say goodbye to dark circles.

This is because the dark circles are created by shadows from
the puffiness under the eyes. The cause of such haughtiness? Accumulation of
fluid due to lack of sleep.

Extra breakfast time

Getting up early in the morning gives you more time to
practice and enjoy a full breakfast, instead of grabbing a quick coffee and
donut on the go.

Early wake-up suggestions

If you want to be one of those early caterpillars, the
following tips can help make the transition easier:

Gradually increase your alarm time. Set your alarm for 15

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